"First set up the sword against your own ego."

Qi Gong is a System with exercises, which conveys the work of inner energy of the human with health and vitality.

For 2000 Years it is now an important Part of the traditional Chinese medicine and the advanced martial arts. Known in the west under acupuncture and physiotherapy, "energy work" serves the circulation and sustains the nervous and immune system. Those exercises are performed sitting or standing.

"There is a way in the middle of nonentity."

According to the legend, the buddhistic Monk Da Mo (Bodhidharma) teached the Monks at Shaolin-Cloister in the method Yi Jin Jing (Yijinjing/ Conversion of the musculature), to strengthen their weakly constitution and to keep their mind awake. As in many Chinese Qigong-traditions it's about the improvement of the Qi-flow.